Remains of the Day

Have you ever been out and about with your camera and you suddenly have a eureka moment where you have to snap the scene in front of you although it makes no sense at the time? Well, such a moment happened to me last Saturday. I was in a rush as usual on my way back to the car having completed an assignment for the local paper, when I saw this lady sitting on a bench. OK you might say! So? Well, that’s how I felt, but something in my head was telling me there was a great picture in this scene, (Eureka moment). Snap…. the deed was done. No messing with settings, no contact with the subject, just click and keep going. This is my eureka moment!

Picture by Terry Fisher

Don’t think it would win any prizes do you?

OK,now from camera to computer where the transformation begins.

The first thing was to get rid off the parts of the image which were not required and then sort out the background behind the wall. With that done it was onto the magic of adjusting contrast, clarity, saturation and colour using my old friend the Luminosity Mask.  What are Luminosity Masks I hear you cry!  Well that will be a post for another day.  With all of that completed herewith my eureka moment titled Remains of the Day.

Picture by Terry Fisher

Terry Fisher Photography
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