Southern White Faced Scops Owl

Southern White Faced Scops Owl is a medium-sized owl with conspicuous ear tufts and white face edged with black. They have grey upper-parts with dark grey vermiculations and streaks. Underparts are pale grey with white feather bases, dark grey streaks and fine grey bars. Flight feathers and tail are grey with darker bars. Facial disk is pale grey to white with broad black rim. Prominent ear tufts are black and grey. Bill is pale grey. Eyes are dark yellow to deep orange. Legs and partially feathered toes are grey-brown. Both sexes are similar in size and plumage.
The juvenile resembles adults but it is paler and browner, with less marking on throat and breast. Nestling’s are covered with grey down with darker bars.
Southern White Faced Scops Owls live in savannah’s, open and riverine woodlands with sparse ground cover, and also in semi-desert thorn scrub to forest clearings. They are fully nocturnal and mostly insectivorous although it will take small birds, small rodents and other mammals.. It avoids treeless areas and continuous forests.


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