One of Formula One Grand Prix’s most famous and legendary racing circuits, Spa-Francorchamps cuts a swath of macadam through the thick forests of the Ardennes in Eastern Belgium. Originally, since first conceived in the 1920’s the racing track at Spa ran on narrow public roads between the Belgium towns of Francorchamps, Malmedy and Stavelot. As racing technology matured the old country road circuit was transformed into a modern high-performance racing facility which continues to host one of the F1 calendar’s greatest races, the Belgian Grand Prix, known for its thrilling over-taking, late season rain and notorious crashes. The track at Spa is also known for one of auto racing’s most distinctive and famous curves the “Eau Rouge”, a steep uphill blind sweeping curve taken at full throttle speed. The track hosts a number of race events for cars and motorcycles throughout the racing season and is home to three racing schools.


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