The Bombay Royale

Yet another from a recent gig.  The group are called The Bombay Royale,  The Bombay Royale is an ensemble based in Melbourne Australia playing slammin’ surf, disco and funk tunes from 1960’s and 1970’s Bollywood. Whilst many of the great musicians of this era such as RD Burman, Anandji-Kalyanji, Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi are household names in India, their music is relatively unknown or performed outside of that country.
The Bombay Royale project seeks to both reinterpret this material and compose new works drawing on this era for inspiration. The cinematic nature of the music and the many styles from which it borrows makes for a heady cocktail of eastern and western influences.
The band is fronted by Parvyn Singh and Shourov Bhattacharya who sing largely in Hindi. Parvyn comes from a family of professional musicians and has been singing and dancing on stage for almost as long as she can remember whilst Shourov, like many Indian kids of his generation, grew up listening to this music as part of his family’s record collection. The rest of the band is drawn from the cream of Melbourne’s live music scene, featuring key members of bands such as Labjacd, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, San Lazaro, Mr Savona, Vulgagrad and Illzilla. Also of note is the addition of guest artists Sam Evans, widely recognised as one of the finest tabla players in the country and multi-instrumentalist Josh Bennett who plays sitar, dilruba and tabla.
The band gave debut performance in April 2010 and are currently preparing themselves for global domination and the sweet spoils of success.

Further images can be viewed here


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